The Meta Man

In December 2021, Charlie made the decision to move to Austin, Texas to pursue his dreams in order to give athletes the opportunity to fund their sports career and give them access to higher education. Vertikal X, got accepted in an acceleration program with International Accelerator.

Vertikal Sports already has a strong international presence established, most notably personified by their performance studio in Guatemala which collaborates with brands such as Vald Performance, BridgeAthletic, Keiser, and others to collect data, provide assessments, and create a comprehensive Training Performance Index (TPI) linked to an athlete’s profile. Vertikal X, their newest project launched exclusively in the United States, aims to enable athletes to tokenize and monetize their training for the first time using the foundations of the TPI and the blockchain.

“I wasn’t able to accept a sports scholarship because of my mother’s financial constraints after losing my dad when I was 14,” Charlie explains. “This is why Vertikal X was born. My goal is to assist young athletes from all around the world in promoting and self-funding their careers, as well as in helping their parents pay for high tuition fees. This is the drive behind everything I do. Today, only 2.5% of young athletes receive sports scholarships. We’re here to change that, and we are convinced that with the support of our new partner, the International Accelerator, we’ll be able to bring about a global revolution in the sports sector.”