The Phil Man

As a motivational speaker, the lecture topics Charlie offers are based on his experience in sports, his corporate career and his family, which allows to integrate concepts in a simple and practical way for the diverse aspects of life. These include:

Reinvention through sports

In which he explains his own methodology of reinvention, as well as his experience of overcoming depression through completing 14 ultramarathons in 4 years.

Integration of high-performance teams:

He explains a practical method based on his experience as a senior executive, in how to create, train, align and develop high performance teams, focused on companies, sports teams, and education entities.

Disruptive Mindset:

It presents its strategy to develop a disruptive mentality that contains a high impact on a personal and social level.

Life Plan:

Shares a clear definition of the life plan in its various areas and the mechanism to make them happen with an execution plan focused on excellence.

Sports, as a tool to educate children:

Conference dedicated mainly to parents about the impact and legacy that a father can leave in their children through the observation and participation in their children’s feelings and experiences.