Ever since he was a little boy, Charlie has always been a bound and determined person, because he achieves everything he sets his mind to. His everyday intense quest for being the best version of himself constantly gets him out of his comfort zone, accepting complex challenges at a personal, professional and sports level.

His philosophy is based on visualizing a future result and working towards it during the present, using determination, discipline and humility, and surrounding himself with people that are better than he is. Learning, failing, and trying as many times as needed in order to achieve the result, with a strong adherence to ethic and moral principles, and without taking any shortcuts, however hard it is, is the key to his success. Charlie is a dreamer; a creator, an entrepreneur, and a crazy adventurer who just wants to give his best and leave a positive legacy throughout his life.

Welcome to those of you who have decided to leave their comfort zone and seek great challenges; those who have decided to reinvent themselves through sports, and those who seek to leave a legacy in their life in a personal, professional and sports scope, just as Charlie has achieved through hard work, falling and getting up from the punches of life and over all, helping others to be better and strengthening the talents each one offers and brings to this world.


Charlie is:

A husband

He believes in marriage, and thinks that humility, communication, admiration, support and trust are vital in order to have a lasting and balanced relationship, as well as having God as the center of our lives.

A father

Children are a blessing, and through the four kids God gave him, he has confirmed that they are the living proof of real love. Every day, they confirmed him that the best way to teach is through example, discipline and love.


He has been a member of the baseball and soccer national teams of Guatemala, and now as an ultra-marathon runner. Sports have taught him to be disciplined and determined, they have taught him how to be a good sport and improve every single day.

A professional

Charlie has been blessed to hold important positions in multinational companies, and to be responsible for key and strategic projects, such as:

a. Projects to increase national security in countries of Central America
b. Management of more than 14 billion dollars in 12 years.
c. Commissioning of operations in Colombia for a multinational company.
d. Design and organizational structure of a center role and more than 5,000 positions
e. Leading the implementation of a technology project in the human resources area in more than 7 countries.


He believes in the chance of sharing his good and bad decisions in life with others and inspiring them to dream big and leave their comfort zone by visualizing the future and building the present, changing their mindset and encouraging them towards having the desire to reinvent themselves as persons through different sports.


He likes to create and innovate. He believes that when people follow you, it is because you are doing something right. He also believes in the ability to learn from mistakes and moving on, and being different.

Based on 4 pillars


This is the manner in which he achieves inner peace, which allows him to do things with faith in the right way, having sound judgment and self-love and love towards other as the values that prevail.


The power of the mind is what allows him to leave my comfort zone constantly in order to positively attract all the tools needed so as to achieve future goals. Strategy and visualization of the future are his foundation in order to anticipate taking timely and convincing decisions.


he tirelessly seeks to strength his body in order to face any obstacle that may require physical strength, and so his mind trusts his body to face any challenge with courage.


It is the capacity to execute actions, feeling humble before failure and being able to try again, provided a lesson is learned.

Charlie applies these four pillars in a different manner in all different scopes of life. He is a common person that seeks to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.


  • Diet

    A balanced diet with 4,200 calories per day.

    • Carbohydrates: Sweet potato, quinoa, white rice and vegetables.
    • Protein: Salmon, sea bass and red meat (twice a month, maximum).
    • Sugar: All from natural fruit, such as blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, watermelon, oranges, bananas and plantains.
    • Supplements: Protein, amino acids and complex carbohydrates.
    • Vitamins and minerals: Zinc, vitamin D6 and multivitamin.
    • I do not eat added sugar or dairy.
  • Physical condition

    • Fat: 9.6%
    • Weight: 176 pounds
    • Height: 1.79 meters
    • Vo2 max 55
    • Max hr 190bpm
    • Rest hr 42bpm
    • Body structure: Balanced mesomorph
  • Average training during 15 months

    • He has run more than 4,000 kilometers at an average of 145 bpm.
    • He has climbed more than 80,000 meters with more than 3,300,000 steps
    • He has performed more than 400 running activities or training in more than 475 hours with a consumption of more than 300,000 calories.


Tnf Endurance Challenge New York Bear Mountain 2016 – Goretex 50 Mile

Country: Estados Unidos
Distance: 80.4km / 2000m+
Time: 09:17:50

The North Face Endurance Challenge Utah 2015 – Goretex 50 Mile

Country: Estados Unidos
Distance: 79.2km / 3475m+
Time: 10:24:41

The North Face Endurance Challenge Washington Dc 2015 – Goretex 50 Mile

Country: Estados Unidos
Distance: 80.1km / 1100m+
Time: 09:13:52

Fuego Y Agua Nicaragua 2016 – Fuego Y Agua – 100Km

Country: Nicaragua
Distance: 90km / 4850m+
Time: 24:09:32


a. Member of the national baseball team for 8 consecutive years.
b. Sub-member of the national soccer team under the age of 17.
c. 4 ultra marathons in 12 months with 15 months in this discipline.



For SOMIT Insurance Brokers, as a company certified ISO 9,001 v 2008, Charlie Sarmiento means emphasis on continuous improvement, is the living representation of our methodology of strategic implementation: goals crucially important, measurements of prediction, panels of results and accountability; operational excellence inspired by the sport and most importantly, the people

Alfredo Mendizabal, VP of Human Resources of Somit.

For World Gym Charlie Sarmiento is an example for all Guatemalans of commitment, character and vision. It is a sample that to overcome our excuses we can achieve bigger goals

Fernando Zuñiga, World Gym Manager

Charlie Sarmiento has a admirable talent and a huge working discipline. He has an ability to adapt and excel as an athlete in various sport disciplines. The most remarkable of Charlie is its quality as a person, which leads him to earn the respect, admiration and friendship of all the people. That is why I admire and respect Charlie not only as an athlete, but as a human being

Pablo Acuña. Golfer and member of Team Empowerlife

For me Charlie Sarmiento is a person to admire in every aspect of his life; professional, personal and sports. A friend and colleague who has no fear of the challenges, even when many believe impossible. That person who with determination knows that in order to grow we must change and that the only one who can put a limit to what he does is himself.

Sofia Arenales. Triathlete and member of Team Empowerlife

Charlie Sarmiento is a high-level professional. He shows leadership and professionalism in all projects for which he is responsible. In any process of undertaking, Charlie injects passion and dedication, taking care of every detail and giving the extra mile to make it the best way possible. I respect Charlie a lot, by his way of viewing life, a person spiritually balanced that projects confidence and inspires those around him to be better human beings.

Felipe Morales. Believ-CBC Marketing Manager

When one speaks of discipline, passion, courage and desire we can talk of Charlie Sarmiento, because this are attributes that he has as a person and as a athlete. To not give up by anything and work with the strong desire to achieve his goals and succeed. He gives an example to others not only by what he does but because of his results.

Job Portillo. Physiotherapist

Throughout these months, I have seen Charlie develop as an athlete of high performance and I have to say that his effort, discipline and dedication have lead him to be the athlete that we see today. To be an elite athlete we must take into account several aspects: training, rest and above all the feeding. Charlie has succeeded in fulfilling his diet by eating the food and nutritional supplements required that have helped him develop an increase in the force of his training and improve his body composition significantly.

Ana Mendoza. Sports Nutritionist

It is the perseverance, the effort and the passion that make Charlie Sarmiento an athlete of high performance. Gatorade, you win from inside.

Jose Iraheta, Gatorade

As his coach I see an athlete with privileged physical characteristics for his sport discipline, with a constant desire to improve and a accelerated development. As his friend I see a person with an attitude of constant assistance to others and an example that with determination many things can be achieved.

Carlos Ramirez. Sports Scientist and member of Team Empowerlife