The athlete Charlie Sarmiento will participate in The North Face Endurance Challenge, which will take place in Washington, United States.

The Endurance Challenge will last for 10 dates: six in the United States and four in Latin America. Sarmiento will participate in four.

The first competition will be on April 18, at the Algonkian Regional Park, in Washington D.C., United States.

The test will begin at 5 am and will have a route of 80 kilometers, around the Potomac River. The maximum time to finish it will be 13 hours.

“I was motivated by the fact of being able to reinvent myself as a human being, to do things in another way with so many facets that sport has,” said Charlie Sarmiento.

The national athlete has been linked to sports since childhood.

“I have physically prepared myself for the last four months to face this challenge, with Crossfit, Endurance and specific training sessions with the ultra-marathon runner Juan Carlos Sagastume. The preparation has been quite sacrificial,» he said.

This is a long-distance event that has several mountain challenges that make it different.

Charlie Sarmiento vivirá una Prueba extrema en Potomac