Charlie Sarmiento will participate in the second ultramarathon of the Endurance Challenge The North Face 2015, which will take place in Utah, United States.

Sarmiento ran the first phase of the Endurance Challenge at the Algonkian Regional Park in Washington, in the United States, last April, where he finished in 35th place out of 240 that started.

In the race that takes place this Saturday and consists of 50 miles (80 kilometers) in the mountainous region of the Park City Mountain Resort in Utah. The goal for the nationals is to finish within the first 15 places and for that the training has been intense.

This route will be very intense and requires a lot of preparation, since running at 2 thousand 133, and 3 thousand 40 meters above sea level and low temperatures will be a determining factor in this competition.

Charlie has been preparing for this with training routines that range from running 70 to 100 km per week, Crossfit and physiotherapy. The training sessions are combined at dawn, he works during the day and at night he continues with the preparation.

“I have prepared well for this competition, I will give my best effort. I hope to be among the first 15 in this second participation. I participate in this type of competition to show that when someone is passionate about something, it does not matter if you have to combine training with work, but the important thing is to give your best and do what you are passionate about,” says Sarmiento.

Charlie Sarmiento correrá el ultramaratón de  Utah