The Guatemalan athlete José Carlos Sarmiento, better known as Charlie, shared his experience as an ultramarathon runner this Monday in Tododeportes La Entrevista.

Charlie recently participated in The North Face Endurance Challenge in Utah, where he finished fifth in his category.

Sarmiento has been an athlete since he was very young, he participated in Guatemalan soccer team and even played for the National Soccer Team in the Under 17 category in 2000.

Today the great challenges have become a daily challenge and as it was seen a few minutes after finishing the Utah Challenge where he finished fifth in the category of 30 to 34 years and 22 in the general of 105 athletes.

“The test in Utah is over. A few minutes ago the closure was made official; my official time was 10 hours and 24 minutes. We closed with a 5th in my category (30-34), 18th place in the men and 22nd in the general of 105, plus 45-50 who dropped out (total of 155 approx)”, he explained at the time.

“A day full of emotions; a tough race, the mountains are rough! Many climbs with high technical difficulty and rocks were a constant. Faith was always present and helped me to keep moving”, he said.

Ultramaratonista Charlie Sarmiento en Tododeportes La Entrevista