A new challenge is approaching for the Guatemalan ultramarathon runner José Carlos Sarmiento, since on Saturday he will face the challenge of The North Face Endurance Challenge, in the United States.

Bear Mountain State Park in New York will be the setting for this tough test, which challenges ultramarathoners from around the world. The route will have mountains and dirt roads, so it will be of high difficulty. “My goal is to improve my time in the 80 kilometers, to be below 8 hours 30 minutes; obviously all the races are different and depend on their altimetry but I want to be there for that time to bring a good result for Guatemala and be in the first places”, explained Sarmiento. For this and the next adventures, Charlie reinforced his preparation with the sports scientist, Carlos Ramírez, who is in charge of studying the characteristics of the best ultramarathon runners in the world and how to apply it to reach his level. “Combining science with sports leads to more. For this test we carried out an analysis of the altimetry, distances, hydration points, so that in addition to the physical preparation, it goes hand in hand with the necessary nutrition to have the best combination of weight”, indicated Sarmiento. This competition has a special component, since it marks one year of running ultramarathons and it will be a way to measure its evolution in them, in addition to dedicating it to his family, especially to his fourth daughter, who is about to be born Anika.

Sarmiento en una prueba de esfuerzo