Guatemalan athlete Charlie Sarmiento was the third best Latin American in the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail (UTMB) that crosses France, Italy and Switzerland.

National ultramarathon runner Charlie Sarmiento raised the Guatemalan Blue and White flag this Saturday in Chamonix, a French town located at the foot of Mont Blac, where he crossed the finish line of the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc, successfully completing a new adventure in his sports career.

Sarmiento participated in the CCC category SE – H modality of the event and was ranked 97th and 161st in the general classification of the event, made up of almost 2 thousand athletes from around the world.

The athlete made a time of 17h: 59:56 in a distance of 101 kilometers of competition, this represented that Guatemala was located in the third place of the participating Latin American countries, behind Argentina and Colombia in the CCC category SE – H.

«I am happy and grateful to God, my family, friends (including those who support me on Facebook) and sponsors, for believing in me and helping me to be the version of me every day,» the Guatemalan said on his social networks.
The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc is the most prestigious mountain competition in Europe, held once a year and taking place in the Alps through France, Italy and Switzerland.

The athletes, participants in this competition that has the most beautiful scenarios in the world, must do it on a cumulative difference of about 9,400 meters which requires good preparation.

“Guatemalans are warriors and we put our hearts into what we do. My heart almost came out!”, concluded the ultramarathon runner.

Sarmiento cumple de manera satisfactoria otra misión