The ultramarathon runner José Carlos Sarmiento decided to help those infected with COVID-19 with plasma donation after overcoming the coronavirus

After overcoming the COVID-19 virus, the Guatemalan ultramarathon runner José Carlos ‘Charlie’ Sarmiento decided to help patients infected by the virus, and went to the Roosevelt Hospital this morning to donate blood to extract the plasma that will serve in the recovery of three people. The objective is to save lives and support the initiative of the hospital center.

“I am donating blood to collect plasma and support convalescent patients with medium to critical COVID-19 and save lives. There are three bags of plasma for three different lives, so if we can save three from one, I invite you to cheer up. There is a well-established protocol and today is the time to be able to help others. Do not be afraid, «said Sarmiento in a video released on the social networks of the Roosevelt hospital.

On his personal Instagram account, the ultramarathon runner made a live broadcast to publicize the details about the plasma donation.

“The hospital designed a donation protocol and it is important that you know it and see that the equipment is state-of-the-art. There are 600 milliliters that will be extracted at this time for the donation. The plasma is going to be divided into three doses of 200 milliliters each,” shared Sarmiento.

The 38-year-old athlete had previously shared his experience with COVID-19 on his social networks, and this Monday he decided to go to the hospital to call on recovered coronavirus patients so that they can donate their plasma and recover people’s lives. infected.

“It is important to communicate to patients who were positive and are now negative, that they meet the requirements and have the necessary antibodies, to come donate their plasma. The most important thing is that convalescing people at medium to high risk recover quickly. The whole initiative is thanks to the Roosevelt Hospital, I really appreciate the work of the doctors and the hospital,” said Sarmiento.

The ultra-marathon runner has been linked to sports as a youth baseball player, selected U-17 soccer player and pre-selected futsal player. It was in 2015 when he decided to practice the mountain ultra marathon. In 2016 it was positioned as the third best Guatemalan, according to the ITRA ranking. A year later he was the fifth best Latin American in the Ultra Trail World Tour and in 2018 he completed his first ultra marathon of 161 kilometers.

Finally, the Guatemalan athlete called for those interested in donating their plasma to come to the hospital from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“This initiative must be promoted. The intention is to show them that people who are suffering from this virus can be helped and that with scientific processes we can help each other,” Sarmiento pointed out.