The ultramarathon runner and finance and marketing specialist Charlie Sarmiento presented the initiative that seeks to raise funds for the Donamor Foundation and the Roosevelt Hospital.

This competition was announced by the athlete this morning, when he inaugurated Vertikal Sports Performance training center, located in Plaza Pacific at km 12.5 carretera a El Salvador.

Part of the undertaking of this project is the development of a 14-hour indoor competition, where he will be running 7 hours on side, 5 on a bicycle and 2 on stationary rowing, this will be done in a truck that has been specially adapted to perform physical tests.

The challenge will be in conjunction with Bac Credomatic and the proceeds will be delivered to the Donamor Foundation and the Roosevelt Hospital for the collection of plasma from people recovered from coronavirus, to apply them to patients with medical complications.

“I feel very excited to be able to present this project, I am overwhelmed by the memory of my father who was always an entrepreneur. I thank my wife and other family who have always supported me in this idea of leaving the comfort of a stable job and fighting for a dream,” said Charlie Sarmiento.


The new training center that Sarmiento inaugurated is aimed at all people, whether they are athletes or not. It has 600 square meters divided into Sports Medicine, Fuel Performance, Brain Lab, Athletics, Power +S, Peak Run and Rebuild.

It has technology for posture correction, which will be ideal not only for athletes, but for all those who want to improve their way of exercising, it will have personalized programs for high-performance athletes.

Después de recuperarse del coronavirus, para el atleta Charlie Sarmiento realizará un reto especial para recaudar fondos